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one week before presentation

Hi everyone!

so now we've fixed our bugs. We also created a GUI. It looks nice, you can see many features on the screen. We would say, we're ready to present our work.


Daniel, Daria, Markus, Raed and Stefan

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Prototype Demo

Hi everyone!

This week we've discussed and worked on the possibilities, how we can save our "input" into a wav file and than play it. The problem, we have to solve is that these files are really big (some hours).

It looks now like..:

private WaveRecorder recorder;

File waveFile = new File( "temp_recording.wav" );
    // Default is stereo, 16 bits.
    try {...}

 //start record and stop with program end (test)

// try to play wav in loop
    File file = new File("loop.wav";
    FloatSample  fileSample = null;
    try {...}
Hope, next week it works.


Daniel, Daria, Markus, Raed and Stefan

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